Sunday, 28 August 2011


So, I've been busy, These pioneers are largely based on WWII photographs of german soldiers, one or two of them are even quite accurate. They'll be a unit of veterans with flamers, heavy flamer, demo charges and melta bombs.

They're still very wip, I need to fill gaps, add rolled up sleeves, drill flamer barrels, make three more... and look for more cool poses to do.

C&C welcome



  1. Very nice conversions!

    Will add you to my blog exchange and vice verse if you like?

    look forward to seeing some more of your stuff

  2. More really nice conversions dude, really like the panzerfaust/Demo charge guy

    Great use of the catachan flamer and arms too :)

  3. Cheers guys - Vitor: Done.

    Maelstrom: The rest are done, it'll be a
    while until I get them painted though.