Monday, 22 August 2011

Ein blog!

So this is going to run together with my m&p log on the Ammobunker, it'll mostly be about 40k, Imperial Guard, some orks (unlikely...), as well as the occasional bit of skiing and history. I'm going to slowly update my already finished Guard and maybe Orks (there's a lot of them), but as no one is going to look at this blog for some time I imagine that isn't going to be a problem just now.

I'm currently working myself through a rather large block of Imperial Guard, there's probably about a hundred still to go, mostly converted into Panzergrenadiers, Pioneers and one or two foreign auxiliary units, such as a platoon of Italian mountain troops (which are close to completion).

There's also the small matter of a terrain board, not really for gaming - I've only played 2 games in the last year and a half - but it does look pretty, making it ideal for pictures.

First up, eight Panzergrenadiers, 6 with lasguns, one with a grenade launcher and a Sergeant.

Next up, the not so interesting Italians, they're somewhat overshadowed by the effort I put into the German models...

The board, it's one of four parts (one has already been completed). It's still very WIP, the base earth colours are done, the tau corpses / wrecks have had their armour painted and the lake has recieved the first of many layers of water effects and green ink.

Thanks for looking (if anyone has...).


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